5 Speed Manual
Transmission Installation - Part 4

Starters:  This is a tricky area on Ford V8s.  In the mid 60s Ford used two types of starters, one for manual transmission cars and one for automatics.  This trend continued until the mid 80s when Ford started using the same start for both.

  To muddy the waters further Ford used different body sizes, nose lengths, and styles of starters throughout the years.  Make sure you choose the correct starter for your application.  Remember, the old starter might not work!

(The 65 Manual start below silver starter is a bigger unit with a shorter 'nose' than the early 70s starter above it [left]. Ford used 157 and 164 tooth flywheels.  If the wrong starter is used, this little gear will chew up your flywheel! [right])

Engine Tuning:  Engine characteristics like idle and carburetor settings will probably need to be modified with the new transmission.

The Conclusion

  After a quick firing of the motor I slid the clutch in, selected first gear, and off the car went!  No clunking of the clutch or slip or grinding noises.  Compared to the automatic that was in the car the car is quieter (no whirring automatic transmission) and more fun to drive.

  The overdrive is also a welcomes treat - with the 3:25 rear gear set the car is built to cruise! 

  The additional 10% engine power to the rear wheels doesn't hurt either.  Without that automatic there isn't any transmission slippage or pump to run - the power goes straight through!


(Please pardon the mess - but you can see the shifter and how it enters the cab just to the right of the stock shifter position)

Mike in Chicago