Alan and Lisa's 1962 Sedan

Location: Midwest

Website: None

Email: yes

Mike, Sure, you can use our email address!
We appreciate you're including us on your site.

I wanted to get back to you with a more detailed list of our 62 Falcon to go along with the pics we sent you. This is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and compose something in more detail. Please use whatever info you find suitable.

We bought the car turnkey in May of 2000. The folks we bought the car from didn't do too much to it, but luckily through a business acquaintance I was able to find the guy who actually built the car.

The car was found in a barn here in Indiana in 1991. It had been sitting
there since 1974, when it was parked it had only 18,000 miles on it.

The interesting thing about it is the interior was completely trashed, and he
filled a 55 gallon barrel full of junk and debris from the interior. Most
of the bright work was bad, but the amazing thing about it was the
condition of the body. Except for paint, it was nearly perfect. There was
no rust, and to this day there isn't a handful of putty in the whole car.
He completely disassembled the car, put it on a rotisserie (sic) and had
it painted bright turquoise. The underside was as clean as the top. While
the refinishing was taking place, the drive train was being built:

289 Block
4 Barrel
Edelbrock Hi-rise Torquer
Headers (A real tight fit!)
Cobra Valve Covers
C-4 Tranny with Hurst Pro-Matic Shifter
8" Rear-end with 3:50 Detroit Lockers
Mustang II Front suspension
Be-Cool Aluminum Radiator
Tranny Cooler

The steering is manual, as are the drum brakes. It really gives you a
feel of the way cars used to be, and we are actually used to it and don't
mind that it lacks the power brakes and steering.

The interior is completely done with a grey tweed, light grey velour
headliner, LeCarra steering wheel, Auto-Meter Tach mounted on dash, and
all the normal gauges underneath.

The car has been professionally appraised by a highly experienced
collector, and is rated as a magazine-quality show car. We have been told by several collectors that the body is the straightest they have ever
seen in a car of this type. Interestingly, the grille, headlight buckets,
and rear taillights and surrounds are original, and look nearly new. The
stripes along the bottom sides, the Cobra on lower front fender are all

We have the original owners manual, with the names of the couple who
originally bought the car. They were from Wollcottville, Indiana. They noted their service intervals in this book, and from everything we have seen we are convinced they drove this car 18,000 miles between 1962 and 1974. (We're not 100% sure, but it doesn't appear they drove the car in the winter.) When you look at this car, you would think it was almost
new. It is that clean.

I have done quite a bit of detailing in the engine compartment, the trunk
compartment, and have changed the wheels and tires. (Still working on the
fit for the rear though, haven't got it quite figured out!) Other than that, the car is just as we bought it. The people who built the car deserve all the credit, they did a fantastic job, and have preserved a
car that you just don't see that many of these days. We feel very fortunate to have found this car, and have a great time driving it to car meets and shows. It is extremely quick, and loud. We hope everyone enjoys the pictures of our car.

I hope this isn't too long Mike. As I mentioned, feel free to edit as you
see fit.

Thank you,