Betsey Zbyszynski's 1963 Falcon 

Location: San Diego, California

Website: No

Email: yes

I have to admit all my life I was a Chevy girl. I owned a 1966 Chevy Impala for years and drove it as my everyday car. Eventually, I thought it
was time to drive an adult car, so I got rid of my Impala and bought a top of the line Saab. This, of course, only lasted so long.

I began to search for another classic. I was looking for a smaller classic (e.g. 62 nova), but nothing decent every surfaced (fate?). A friend in town is a restorer of old classics. He found this 63 Falcon Futura about 1 year ago.

It was in pretty rough cosmetic shape, but the body was straight and he said he could fix it up so sweet. He told me The Falcon would be the perfect car for me. As I kept telling him, "No, I'm a Chevy girl", I would secretly check out Falcons in the auto trader, on line, etc.

Finally, something clicked and I wanted that Falcon. I called him immediately and told him I was ready to have The Falcon as my car.

Four months later, I am the proud owner of this sweet Ford Falcon Futura. He rebuilt the 302 V8 (not original obviously). Replaced
the bench with bucket seats. Repainted the body and replaced all the interior. Added in some extra reinforced suspension, disc brakes, as well as some other perks so this could be my everyday car.

I love my Ford Falcon Futura!

Betsey Zbyszynski