Chris Water's 1965 Falcon Futura 

Location: Tracy, California

Website: No

Email: yes

My Story:

Hello Falcon Owners- Late Nov. 04, I have become the proud owner of a 65 Ford Falcon. This is not just any Falcon, but it happens to have been my grandmother's.

This California Falcon was ordered with the Exterior color (X) Maroon Metallic, Black Fabric interior with White sun visors and white headliner. If you can believe this, the car has never been in the rain or outside overnight!

The Falcon shows 62,000 Original miles on the 289 @ engine, C-4 tranny and 2.80 non-locking differential. The Original license plate frames are still on the car as well as the Black plates. The paint is original and in very good shape.

The interior as you can see is about a 8out of 10, not bad for 40 years old. Even the AM radio works!

My plans for the Falcon are as follows- First I am addressing the brakes!

Looking to make this a dual master cylinder power brake car. I am leaning towards a full Praise Dyno brake "Stage 3 drum brake upgrade to keep this looking original.

A Tune Up is badly needed. Then to add just a little Zip, dual exhaust and some torque thrust ll's in size 15" or 17". After that, I plan on enjoying the car. Only modifications I will consider are bolt ons.

I am a muscle car enthusiast. Not just Ford's, but Mercury's, Chevy's and Mopars too! Sorry, there are just too many nice muscle cars in this world to admire, drive & own.

Sorry, but the car is will not be for sale any day soon. I am 42 and I
promised my grandmother that someday it will become my son's. He is only 7 at this time, so he has a while before I give it to him!

Chris Waters