Chuck Sanborn's 1964 Falcon Sprint 

Location: California

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1964 Ford Falcon Sprint
Weight: 3100 lbs with ¼ tank of gas Rear tires: BFG 235/60/15’s @ 26.10 tall
Gears: (presently) 3.0 open 8 inch
Tranny: C4 with B&M shift kit Torque converter: 2400 stall speed
Steering: Manual (disconnected power) Brakes: Granada disks front, stock rear Front springs: 620 lb. Rear Springs: 4-1/2 leaf GT350 mid-eye
Shocks: KYB’s Upper A-Arms dropped 1” and set back 1/8”

1965 289, bored .030
Pistons: TRW flat top with 2.5cc (total per piston) valve relief
Crank: Stock, turned 10/10 Heads: 1970 351W shaved .030 to about 55cc, screw-in studs and guide plates
Valves: Manley Stainless Raceflow 1.94/1.60
Cam: Performer RPM cam installed straight up with Edelbrock spring set Pushrods: FMS for 351W heads on 289. (6.905 long). Rocker Arms: Crane stamped steel long slot Lifters: Rhodes variable
Head gaskets: Fel-pro 1011-2
Cam: Performer RPM cam installed straight up with Edelbrock spring set Intake: Performer RPM (manifold not shaved for heads)
Carburetor: Edelbrock 500 cfm
Intake manifold gaskets: Fel-pro 1250 Exhaust: Ford Hi-Performance cast iron exhaust manifolds into 2-1/4” pipes Mufflers: FlowMasters 3-chamber Air Filter: K&N 14x4-3/4” air cleaner with K&N stubstack.
Fuel Pump: Stock Ford manual with stock fuel lines.
Ignition:Crane XR3000 with PS91 coil. Distributor: Stock Ford single point converted to above listed Crane.
Oil Pump: Stock Ford pump
Water Pump: Milodon high velocity Trans-cooler: B&M high GVW
Cooling: 3 row radiator w/stock 6 blade fan w/shroud.