Ford Falcon Club Links - The Ford Falcon News - email newsgroup. A MUST FOR ALL ON-LINE FALCON FANS!  A newsgroup over 900 strong for American Ford Falcons. - Website - Falcon Club of America. Falcon Club of America website. Check out the Club store, Falcon and Ranchero info, and latest news on the Annual National Convention. - Florida, USA. Suncoast Chapter - California, USA. Home of the River City, Sonoma County and Golden Gate Chapters of the Falcon Club of America. - San Diego, California, USA. Was formed in 1979, to unite owners and enthusiasts of the 1960-1965 Ford Falcon
(all body styles) and Mercury Comet automobiles. - California, USA. Great site - highly recommended.  Lots of great info, pics, and more. - Victoria, Australia. Early Falcon Club of Victoria. Very good site for Aussie Falcon models, clubs, links, and more.