Ford Falcon How-To Links - The Ford Falcon Registry. The most complete VIN decoder that I have found for the 1960-1970 Falcon.  Also great source for COLOR code samples and shop manual excerpts. - Joe Weaver's Restoration Site. Learn the right way to restore a car! Site packed with helpful pictorials while Joe restores his 64 Sprint. - Falconaut: Steering Wheel Restoration. Restore your steering wheel - repair cracks, paint, etc. - Falconaut: Front Lap Belts. Install front lap belts. - Ford 9-inch Rear End Data. Compare rear end lengths of several Ford cars. - Installing a MII IFS. Install a MII front end on a hot rod.  Not exactly our application BUT a very detailed how-to.  Excellent pictures. - Identifying a Ford 9 inch Rear. Great write up on IDing a 9 inch. - 1960 Ford Falcon site. Tips on fuel tank replacement, polishing aluminum, 2 speed wipers , and more.