Glenn Vandenburg's 1977 XC Falcon 

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website: No

Email: No

Hey dude I've just turned 18 and this is my car. Its a 351 XC Falcon 1977. It is purple but the camera was playing up.

I'm not sure if your an Australian but over here you have to be 18 before you can drive by your self and the other big rule is you cant drive a 351 in a car less than 1590kg.

Unfortunately mine weighs in at 1430 kg so I have to put a 302 in it. what I'm thinking of doing is save the bullion and get a 5lt EFI from an ea falcon. that will set me back about $3500 to $5000.

I'm gonna get some better pics of the inside of the car because its really pretty good, its done in white leather with Mercedes Benz inserts. the only other change apart from the engine is 9 inch lSD.

The guy I got the car of has a green XB coupe which makes mine look like sh*t. He's got a 351 in that black leather interiour 11 inches of rubber at the back sweet sound from a pioneer system and he's looking for a a set of 20 inch billets for the back. He's done about 500 kilometers in it. but I cant say anything because I've only done about 10 in mine.

Sorry for only sending one more pic but I'll send a few more in a week or so.


Glenn Vandenburg