The Interior

Here is the interior as of December of 1998. The interior was a collage of different parts, from the Grant steering wheel to the 1964 Falcon door panels and 1967 Mustang C4 shifter. When I just got the car, it sported '64 Futura dash plastic, a badly cut up dash for installation of a radio, sagging old carpeting, and defroster pieces in need of replacement. The dash out of the parts car is what you see here. Since the radio plate was already cut for a different radio, I modified the piece again to fit a Sony detachable face CD player. The cardboard defroster ducts were replaced with plastic ones, I installed a dash pad, and I built the center console/drink holder (gotta have a drink holder...).

The trunk had shag green carpet in it when I bought it, and the floor was rusted from water leaking past a deteriorated trunk seal. I used simple automobile nylon carpeting and cleaned, prepped, and painted the entire trunk. After the paint, I used spray on truck bed liner for further protection. The wheel cover conceals a 215/70 R14 spare.

I drove the car for years in this configuration. The good news about seat time is it allows you to think about what you want to do to the car that will look fantastic, and fit your needs as an owner. The decision I came to is the interior needs a theme, and that them should be to look as “60s” as possible, with subtle and hidden upgrades. I liked this theme because it will keep the original look of the car as it was designed, but will give a “treat” to enthusiasts to find the changes, while (hopefully) having people who want to mess with the car walk past it because “it’s just stock”.

Here’s a list of what I did. please Take a look around this site to see some details on the modifications I did:

  • Installed 1992 Ford Taurus power driver's/pass seat with lumbar airbag. Used 89-96 Thunderbird/Cougar tilt mechanisms so seats can flip forward

  • Taurus seats recovered to match original Falcon upholstery design

  • Recovered stock rear seat

  • Covered cabin floor with Dynamat. Also used sound insulation from a late 80s Mercury Cougar behind rear seat

  • Installed Intermittent wipers from a Ford F150

  • Removed the stock windshield washer foot pump and used a late 60s Mustang electric pump wired to the Intermittent wiper switch

  • Modified and installed tilt column out of 67 Lincoln

  • Installed under dash lights from an 80s LTD with stock Falcon glove box light

  • Installed a Moon Eyes tachometer on the dash

  • Installed a remote driver's door mounted mirror

  • Fabricated and installed mounts and stock 65 center console

  • Did new.. Um, everything in cab... carpet, door panels, and kick panels with speakers

  • Installed a Secret Audio AM/FM hidden radio wired to original AM radio with 12 disc CD changer in trunk

  • Re-chromed dash plastic

The trunk also got a makeover. I ditched the black carpet and vinyl tire cover, and restored it back to a more stock look. Eagle eyed reviewers might notice small things, tho, like a CD changer in the trunk.