Joe Pelonio's 1963 Falcon Ranchero 

Location: Redmond, WA

Website: No

Email: No

This is my '63 Ranchero, winner of the 1998 Washington State Ranchero Club title "Ugliest Ranchero". I have had it nearly two years, and after sanding to the bare metal and some welding and bondo work, it's ready for the final sanding
and paint, when I can get some time to work on it again. My plan is the outside first, the interior next. It has a 170 and 4 speed.

So far the mechanical work I've done has it running really well except for the clunk I get from a worn out pinion gear in the rear end. I swapped the later 200 for a '62 170, did all new brakes, shocks, springs, axle bearings and tires.

Joe Pelonio