Joe "Surfdog" Abramo's 1965 Falcon Futura Hardtop 

Location: Princeville on Kauai, Hawaii

Website: No

Email: yes


I just got my 1965 Falcon from the mainland. Living in Hawaii, most cars older than 10 years just start to rust away.

Well, this Falcon is my 1st entrance into having a classic older car. I've always wanted a classic, now's my time I guess.

I actually had a 4 door sedan 65 Falcon about 14 years ago. Paid $150 for it. It was all I could afford. Back then I was surfbumming pretty heavily. No work, no money, all I needed was wax, a board, and some shorts. Maybe a car would come in handy,...... I thought.

It was a 6 cyl. and the guy selling it said; "lots of rust, its an island car, and oh ya, .. the back window is busted out of it too!!"

That was the clincher, no need to buy surf racks,, just stick the boards in thru the rear window opening!

Ran for 2 years, never needed anything,...... I totalled it one night. But I loved that car. I guess that’s how it all started.

Funny thing.... I'm assuming, since it was sold in Hawaii, it had no heater or defroster. Dealer delete ordering option, I'm guessing. Just a blank plate where the controls would have been.

If you want a clean car, you gotta ship it in. And man, my baby is clean and original.

She's a 1965 Falcon Futura, 2 door hardtop. 95% original, not restored. Arctic white exterior, and Palomino interior. She has 93.5K miles and the original 289, with dual exhausts, and the C-4 cruise-o-matic 3 speed automatic tranny. All I've replaced the armrests and sunvisors. A previous owner added an Edelbrock 600 cfm 4 barrel and manifold, swaybars, and turbo mufflers. So she handles and sounds great too. This car was in California when I found her. .I knew we were going to southern cal. on vacation, so I started looking around that area, by way of the internet.

My personalized plates are coming in soon.
So, I may send replacement pictures that show the plates. The Plates: SRFDOG. Only allowed 6 letters in Hawaii. Hell, we only been a state for 40 years. A little older than my Falcon.

I may strap one of my surfboards on top for effect. I have a restored classic Yater longboard from the 60's that'll look just fine.

Needless to say, as a surfer, this car fits my image well. Thanks for the chance at joining the rest of the happy Falcon guys and gals out

Mahalo, as we say in the islands,

Joe "Surfdog" Abramo