The New Falcon Gallery 

The new format of the Ford Falcon on the Web page has ended the ability for Falcon, Ranchero, and Sedan Delivery owners to post pictures and information about their cars. With your help, I hope that we can continue the tradition of providing owners a place to share their beloved Falcons through pictures and text, sent by mail or email. I extend my invitation to you all -- to American, Australian, Mexican, Argentinian, European, and other owners worldwide of this great car.

I created this site initially to share technical information about my car. The amount of visitors here has been increasing, and many of you have personally sent me email asking questions, or relaying messages of thanks or 'great job!'. Clearly there are many owners out there looking for more ways to gain and share information.

Therefore, I would like to offer other owners this website to display their cars, including a write-up of how they got their car, what they have done to it, and what they do with it. I have unlimited access and room here on my server; so I can store unlimited files and pages. My aim is to give owners a way to share their pride and hard work, and to allow all of us to gain inspiration and a nudge toward our goals.

I display all of the cars I receive in the same format:
Text from the owner about his car, its specifications, funny stories, etc,

And four pictures showing:

- The outside of the car
- The engine compartment
- The interior
- And a picture of the owner's choosing.

I am sorry to be rather heavy-handed about these protocols, but visitors need to have the easiest time comparing cars here, and maximizing the showing of a car is a must.

I want to make it as easy as possible to send pictures and text of your car(s).

For those with access to a scanner: send me an email of your text by clicking on the email icon below, and attach pictures of your car in GIF or JPEG format.

For those without access to a scanner: send me an email of your text by clicking on the email icon below and include a request for a post office address to mail pictures to. I will scan your pictures for you, and send them back to you.

Please: to keep the web page varied and easy to read:

  1. Limit your text to four pages.

  2. Send me multiple pictures, perhaps asking me to "choose my favorites": As stated above, four will be displayed, but the others will be shown in a separate gallery.

  3. Please include your full name in the text.

  4. Please check your text for grammar and spelling errors.

Note: Again, please send at least one shot of the car, one shot of the interior, one shot of the engine compartment, and another of your choosing. Owners can view cars inside and out and compare ways of doing things.

Important: If you want your email or website address posted as part of your text, you must say so. I will not post addresses without express permission to do so.

I will design a static format for your text and pictures. Please be prepared to see your pictures possibly resized. All photos and text are YOUR property: I will include credit unless specifically asked not to, and I will not use them on my other sites without your written permission. If you have questions or suggestions for this exchange, please email me.

Let's have the great resource of "Featured Car" again on the Internet!

Mike in Chicago