Mark and Kathy Kapogines's 1965 Ranchero 

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Website: No

Email: No

Hi mike its Mark from Hamilton Ontario.

My 1965 Ranchero had suffered more rust damage then I wanted to deal with so it became a donor car.

I purchased a southern shell and used all my mechanical components...motor, trans, wire harness, rear end, etc and made one good car. In the winter of 99/00
my son and I took the car apart again striped and painted it, replaced all the chrome and rubber and reassembled it for the 2000 cruising season and have been enjoying it since.

The donor car also became a's not painted yet but will be by the spring...will keep you informed...

Here are some pics these are scanned images if you cant use them let me know
and I will get you some digital pics.

Good luck with your car.

Mark & Kathy Kapogines