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October 20, 2018: New site format! Enjoy!

December 27, 2003:  Added Dave and Joy's car.

May 23, 2003:
  Added a new car, Mike McMorris' 64 Sedan race car!  Enjoy..

May 11, 2003:
  More Snapshots put up plus Mike Gardner's 1967 Sports Coupe.

January 05, 2003: 
 Tony Meyers car is up

June 30, 2002:
  Bob Henry's 1965 Ranchero up.

June 12, 2002:
 Kory Erickson's 1965 Wagon is up.

May 18, 2002:
 Jose Feliciano's 1963 Convertible is up.  The gallery has broken 40 cars!  A bit of cleanup this go around - all links, images, and write ups are working correctly now.

April 07, 2002:
Jim and Linda's 1964 Ranchero is up.

February 25, 2002: 
Glenn Vandenburg's 1977 XC Falcon is up.

February 3, 2002:
Lot of new additions.  Sam Harmon's 1963 Ranchero is up.  Paint prepping my car is up.  New additions to the snapshots section.

December 28, 2001: 
 Addition of Raul Campos's 1968 Falcon from Mexico City.  Also built a snapshot of my car for September.

December 5, 2001:
Lots of new stuff.  My Car is finally ready for paint!  Mike Takewell's 1965 Wagon is the featured car.  Rear quarter panel patch section is up!

October 25, 2001:
  Steve and Bill Lane's awesome 1965 Convertible is up.  

Really working hard on getting my car done - hopefully will have some pics up soon.

September 18, 2001:
  Jerry Johnson's radical 63 convertible is up!

Doing my best to get the car ready for paint by the end of November.  The torque box installation went well, and the cowl has been cut open, with replacement patches ready to go.  Hopefully I can snap a few pics of the progress for next update.

I hope I get a chance to meet some of you on September 28th and 29th at the Gateway Chapter Falcon 
Regional Convention in St. Louis.

August 20, 2001:
  Alan and Lisa Town's beautiful 1962 Sedan is up.  Many thanks to them for donating their write up and pics.

My car is proceeding as schedule - hopefully I'll have pics to share of the passenger front torque box replacement soon.  Lot of work ahead....

July 31, 2001:
  Freddie Palacio's 1965 Hardtop is up.  Also added pics of my floor installation in Mycar.

July 5, 2001:
  Karl Ecker sent me his Millennium Falcon, a 1964 Sprint Hardtop! Also posted some pictures from my St. Louis trip - thanks again to Mark Dinzebach!!

I also have been playing with hyperbolic trees and have built a site map.  I also wrote a little 
countdown script so you can follow along with my restoration deadline! 

June 18, 2001:
  Mark K has returned with his outstanding 1965 Ranchero!  Did a few little bug fixes courtesy of the heads up by visitors.  Thanks much for the extra effort to tell me about the bugs!

May 30, 2001:
  Chuck Sanborn's 1964 Sprint Hardtop is up.  Enjoy!

May 07, 2001:
  Jeff Brown's 1972 Falcon is up.  I also started my car rebuild!  Check out my car.

April 15, 2001:
  The new format is up.  A bit more professional looking than the old, but hopefully as well liked.

I now have a new url that leads you to this site -
Redid the VIN decoder to make it more user friendly.
TV Commercials have been added, new site layout, and more to come.
The new featured car is Terry Williams 1965 Monte Carlo clone.

Thanks to all who voted for my site.  And also thanks to all who donated their time to send me their cars.  I'm working as fast as I can to get them up.

September 14, 2000:
  Michael Cherry's 1965 Four Door is up. Enjoy.....

August 28, 2000:
  And I was doing sooo well, too. Well, better late than never....
Alan Crossley's 1967 XR
Falcon is up.  Enjoy.

August 07, 2000:  Scott Evar's 1969 Falcon is up.

July 25, 2000:
 Big Mike Steven's awesome 64 Sprint Hardtop is up.  Thanks to all who helped with the testing of the VIN decoder.  Changes have been made to patch up the inconsistencies/quirks.

July 10, 2000: Carlos Artalejo's 1964 Futura Hardtop is up.  New Articles courtesy of Mark Dinzebach are in ARTICLES and more to come.

June 25, 2000: Justin Cisney's 1964 Convertible is up.  I'm trying to get the pace going a bit as it is getting harder to keep on top of all the questions, replies, new cars, feature articles, and the new VIN decode section.  Many thanks to all who took the time and effort to send me VIN info for other years of Falcon.

Hope to have more info on my car soon, as I'm finally getting time to fix the little quirks and get her to operating condition.

Also took some time to clean up the site yet again - just tedious little things.  This site has now mushroomed into a site of over a hundred pages and 65 Megs!  Thanks all for your support and enthusiasm.

June 08, 2000:
  Chris Schumacher's 1963 Falcon is up.  I have other VIN numbers coming for the other years of the Falcon family, so my VIN decoder will be able to decode multiple years!  Stay tuned!

Also had a chance to surf the site and take notes on errors - many fixed now.

May 17, 2000:
  Keenan Willbank's 1965 Falcon graces the featured car slot.  I'm working on a VIN decoder on-line.  Now, anyone can get their 1965 Falcon, Ranchero, or Sedan Delivery decoded INSTANTLY.

April 29th, 2001:  A LOT of new stuff to add this round.  A trip to St. Louis had me bringing back a lot of scanning material courtesy of Mark Dinzebach, and now the material can be viewed for all to see.  Check out Gallery 3: Advertisements for a lot of new stuff on Rancheros and especially the 1999 Ranchero down under.  I also have started a new gallery for articles on the Ford Falcon family.  If anyone has any they want to share, send over email.  I'll gladly scan them up.

The featured car this update is Oliver Szakall's 1999 AU XR8 - what a great car, and a 5.0 to boot!

Sorry for the redirect to Restoration if you click on "My car" - right now I'm trying to make room so the Falcon can get serious bodywork done and then she will sport her own web page.  So, for now, please live with my write-up and 
Snapshot section.

I redid some of the main links off the main page - hope this helps navigation some......

November 25, 2004:  Gord Barnes car added - 5 speed install text changes.

December 24, 2004:  Walter Stempniewski's car up

March 18, 2005: Mark Nash's car up