Lou Bauer's 1965 Falcon Futura Hardtop 

Location: Tampa, Florida

Website: No

Email: yes

Thought I was seeing double when I saw your car on this site - check for yourself!

She's a 1965 Futura. I bought her two yrs ago off the side of the road body in great shape but engine and transmission in dire need of work. The engine is a 302 block with 289 heads, Edelbrock 600 carb, and as for the cam I do not know but it has a definite lope to her.

Over the course I have rechromed the bumpers, had the heads done and got the correct(read expensive) headers.

The toploader 4 spd has just been rebuilt it is out of a 69 Torino 428. I had to do some work on the pilot shaft.

I drive it everyday and would not part with it.

Lou Bauer