M. Van Zandt's 1969 Falcon Futura 

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Website: No

Email: yes

(Writeup by Anthony Hummel, old owner)

Recently purchased this baby for a mere 1500 dollars and have only put in about 100 dollars worth of work. I got a steal or what! After I bought this car I searched the internet for about 11 total hours over a weeks time and have yet to find another 69' Falcon anywhere. I found your site and thought I'd send a few photo's so there may be at least one on the net. I made a small home page for it which you may post with my pics if you like. I sent you pics I didn't even post there, but I still have a lot of work to do but I plan to muscle it out within the next year or two :)

I don't have many pics of the interior except where I need to repair if you want those for the 69 falcon here they are.

the front seat has big tears in it but I placed a seat cover on it for now and it looks pretty good. The rear seat and headliner are in excellent condition with no tears and no fading. I think they were replaced before I bought the car.

I need to replace the floor pans on both sides, this is the worst side, the passenger side only has 2 small holes the size of quarters but I still want to replace it before I put the new carpeting in. I already priced the floor pans at 89 dollars each and found a garage that will install them for only 200 dollars each, and they use sheet metal instead of fiberglass and weld not rivet, so it should last a life time. I also found a place that will redo the carpeting for me for 250 dollars and that includes the entire carpeting. As far as future plans for it. I plan on getting a 5-speed floor shift for it, a 351 standard engine for ease in bolt on beef-ups, I plan on increasing the leaf springs and putting air-shocks to increase the lift.

Have a great Falcon day! And to all you Falcon owners out there....you have one more proud family member to your family tree.


P.S. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for a good muscle engine/work I could do to the car send me email. Thanks again. It does need minor work, but not a lot to get it going.