Mark K's 1965 Falcon Ranchero 

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Website: No

Email: No

My name is Mark K. from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My car is a 1965 Falcon Ranchero, which I bought in March 1998. I knew the previous owner and I always liked the car. So when it came up for sale, the price was right so I bought the car. This probably was not my best choice because I have a wife and three kids.

So far, I have replaced the floor pans (all four) because of rust damage, which is something we have to deal with because of our Canadian winters. I have had the transmission rebuilt this spring (C4 behind a 200 6-cyl) it was leaking everywhere. It works much better now that I’ve learned to drive it in the green dot. I would like to do a restoration on it with a limited budget so it is time to start calling in favours.

So far I have around $1500.00 worth of chrome in the basement (bumpers, hood ornament, grill, etc.) and still looking for more when I get it painted in the spring of 2000. Thinking of painting it a dark blue metallic, original colour was teal and I’m not sure I like it. Found a guy in Cambridge with plenty of Falcon parts and sources. Will keep you informed on my progress.

Mark K.