Michael Cherry's 1965 Falcon Four Door 

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Website: No

Email: No

Hi Mike:

Here are some pictures of my old Falcon. The first and last pictures were taken at the auction where she finally sold. I think they show the nice lines of the car.

The engine shot is the mighty 170 C.I.D. in the process of being rebuilt, with master mechanic Al Lemke (my boss at the time) in the background.

The interior shot showing the modified instrument panel and dash trim (obtained from a 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente).

I also included a view through the rear window.

showing the dash trim and the package shelf with the rear defroster outlets and rear speaker grille. The outboard vents are actually drawing warm air from the car into the fan. The inboard vents (defroster vents from a 1962 Ford F-100) direct the warm air onto the rear window. It works quite well, even in very cold weather.

I hope that these are of some use to you, take care,

Mike Cherry