Mike Takewell's 1965 Wagon 

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Website: No

Email: yes

Hi Mike,

I am living in Clearwater FL. Yes you can post any information and pictures that I have sent you.

I had a 1965 Falcon 4 door Coupe for 8 years. I bought it for $600.00 and just recently sold it for $500.00. I think I got my money's worth out of it. It had 265000 miles on it when I sold it and it is still on the road.

I only sold it because I got the wagon. I found it on E-bay in New Mexico. My brother who lives in Louisiana went to New Mexico and drove it to Louisiana and I drove from Clearwater FL to Louisiana and drove it back.

The man who sold it to me got to old to drive it. He was the second owner and his aunt gave it to him. When the bidding ended I posted my winning bid with only 1 second left. I was the only one to meet the reserve of $2500.00.

The original gas cap was missing from it when I got it, and the letters "FA" were on the cap with the letters "LCON" on the body molding. My brother dubbed it "La Coon" because of this. The name stuck.


Mike Takewell