The Exterior

My car was rebuilt at one time using a 1964 Falcon Hardtop for parts. By the time I got the car, many of these parts, like the 1964 grill, were replaced with the correct 1965 parts.

I did very little to the exterior of the car for the first few years of my ownership. The majority of the work I did was restoration/modification to the backbone of the car; namely the moving parts and unseen undercarriage sections. This Falcon continued to be my daily driver for years, getting me through sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow to whatever destinations I needed to visit.

After I completed college, I purchased a more modern car, which took over daily driver duties. The falcon got a cover, and slept for a few years while I began planning for the restoration I always wanted to do.


After a few years, this car was torn down to the unibody, and restored just the way I wanted. please check out my “Restoration Blog” section to see details on the work done!