Adding a Power Antenna

“This signal is not used by the Alliance… It could be an Imperial Code.”

- C3PO, The Empire Strikes Back


  This is a common request by Falcon folks - Can one put in a power antenna? Which one? How do I get a power antenna to mount in the car?

  For me having a power antenna is an ideal circumstance: It cleans up the lines of the car when the car is parked or radio turned off, it deters thieves and vandals from doing damage to my car (had an antenna ripped off car TWICE), and it just looks plain trick!  

  I did some research and found a solution for 1964 and up Falcons.  I only single out the earlier "round body" Falcons because I do not know if this particular antenna has been installed in one of these Falcons.  Since the bodies aren't that much different in the cowl area (round vs. square body), I'm sure someone out there with a little imagination and time could find a way to add this option to our beloved round bodies.

  This install is not a hard one.  Even those of us with limited knowledge or skill can do this installation as long as time and care is taken.

Things to be Aware of.....

  1.) In order to do this installation the front passenger fender needs to removed from the car.  That means the front rock guard, bumper, and grille also need to removed.  Luckily(?) I was in the middle of assembling my car after paint so it was an ideal time to add this antenna.

  2.) I purchased this power antenna from California Mustang - real great folks and had these on the shelf.  

  3.) As you can see on the diagram below, the antenna is held in place in two places; by an L bracket attached to bottom of the power antenna and screwed into side of the inner front kick panel sheet metal, and on the top via brackets and the antenna base on the fender.


  4.) You will need to use the original antenna base from the original Falcon antenna for this swap.  The power antenna is a bit long and needs the original base to take up some of the slack.

  5.) I needed to add sealant to the antenna wire plug as it was *just* too small for the Falcon's antenna cable hole.  I used urethane, NOT SILICONE - SILICONE IS CORROSIVE TO METAL AND WILL ROT YOUR CAR!

  6.) I needed to make a slight mod to the original keeper nut for the antenna base - I used a Dremel to remove the threads on the nut so the power antenna's keeper nut could fit through the nut and lock the power antenna, antenna base, and original lock nut in place.

(The original Falcon antenna keeper nut on left, power antenna nut fits through Falcon nut on right)

7.) Measure as carefully as you can when installing the power antenna's lower L bracket mount.  Care must be taken to position the power antenna far enough away from center of car to exit antenna opening in car, AND the height of the antenna needs to be correct so not too little or too much of the antenna's mast exits the hole.

  The good news is the L bracket is malleable and will allow some "give".  Also note the L bracket is held onto car by one self taping screw which also doubles as the antenna's ground.

  8.) The control box on the antenna is held in place by a rubber strap around mast and needed to be rotated to the inboard side of the car.  In your install the mileage may vary.

Mike in Chicago