Jose Feliciano's 1963 Futura Convertible 

Location: Glendale, CA

Website: None

Email: No

Feel free to add my 63' to your photo collection. It is a work in progress
but it is looking good.

Almost done with interior.
Swapping the 170/101 H.P. for V8 302.

Looking for a 4-speed vintage set up.

All these photos were taken before I removed the bench seat and replace them with 63' sedan buckets, reupholstered in Sprint Pattern
Rangoon Red.

No console yet. No carpet replacement till get the final tranny choice.

Had to install a cool 60's-lookin' 15" steering wheel because the sedan's buckets seat higher.

Have 302/C4 combo ready, but would love to go with vintage 4 speed.

Waiting for some responses on the tranny and console, but getting discouraged.

Want to install P/S but don't have one... Yet.

Jose - Glendale, California
3 miles from Dodgers' Stadium