Tony Meyers's 1965 Falcon Futura

Location: Michigan

Website: No

Email: yes

Hello, my name is Tony Meyers I'm 17 and from Michigan. I was wondering if you would put my 1965 Ford Falcon Futura on your site.

I've been working sense I was 12 and have been putting a lot of the money I made away for a car because I knew I wanted a classic and it wasn't going to be cheap. I bought this car 3 years ago right after I turned 15 and it has been a father-son project sense, so everything that's been done was done by us. The guy I got it from lived about 20 miles from me and my dad was the one who found it with original intentions of fixing it up and selling her... then he brought me to go and get it and when I saw it and fell in love with her I bought it and brought it home 2 days later.

Original green paint with a brown door the body was sold, no rust, and very straight. However it was missing the chrome trim on the passenger side door, no drip rail on the drivers side bad bumpers, and the "F" and "A" from the "FALCON," only a base to the hood ornament and original interior except the front seat was re-done, why not both I don't know.


Engine- Holley 4 barrel, Edelbrock intake, dual exhaust, chrome kit, chrome hose kit and paint. It runs good and is semi-quick but not fast enough so I found another 289 and am about start work on it so when I drop it in it will be pretty snappy.

Body- found missing chrome, beautiful pearl blue paint-job and tinted windows. Next step is to get new bumpers, but that's not in my budget for this year and new rims and tires, I was thinking Keystone Klassics.

Interior- custom made door panels, recovered dash, new kick panels, paint, carpet and CD player. Future plans are recovering the seats, having a car audio shop custom mold me fiberglass kick panels that hold 6 1/2" speakers so i can have a nice sounding system for those long cruises.

Trunk- nearly all original, that's the original paint, mat, rim and hubcap (ok, not original tire) and jack. This pic is kind of old, sense then I restored the jack and rim so they look like they did when they were made. Future plans are kind of weary I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do, I was thinking of carpeting everything but for now I'm going to leave it as is.

Thanks for checking out my car hope you like it.