Jim Turner's 1964 1000HP Ranchero 

Location: Southern California

Website: No

Email: No

Don’t let this happen to you!

Guess I was a Falcon freak from Hi School days when the 64 & 65 Ranchero was a dream I couldn't afford. Then in the 80's I really got into Rancheros for the street. Then in the late 80's I had the time and wanted to get back into racing. Too old to race bikes, so built a Super Gas/Super Comp Ranchero. It was a all out drag car with tube chassis and had all the bells and whistles (Bells = horse power Whistles = computer controls).

I bought the ranchero for $450 and 60 or 70k later we had one hell’va ride. I had R.J. Simrock in El Cajon, California build the chassis and do all the tinwork.. The car got so expensive that I had to start an automotive shop just to support my habit. I had two Rancheros. Both were painted the same; one to race and one to tow with.

Jim Turner